ecologic cottages
located in baden, in the heart
of the morbihan gulf

Gîtes la ferm'h baden

Baden & Co

Situated between land and sea, Baden is a delightful Breton town on the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan. Enjoy its mild climate, the voyage of discovering its history, and the peaceful villages scattered along its coastal paths. At each turn, the magnificent views of its coast dotted with islands offer you a charming escape.
• 37 km of coastline: the community of Baden extends over the Gulf of Morbihan to the Auray river.
• The Islands: Reno, Grand Vezy, Petit Vezy and Sept-Iles or Seniz also belong to Baden. Seniz is connected to the mainland by a tidal causeway (submerged at high tide by strong currents); its coastal path offers stunning views.
• Toulvern Ponds, Pomper, Pont Neuf and Baden mill attract birdwatchers, who come to observe the migratory seabirds nesting such as barnacle geese, shelducks, sandpipers, and terns ...
• Port-Blanc, is the pier connecting to the Ile aux Moines and the starting point for tours of the Gulf of Morbihan. Port-Blanc, its harbor and the town of Baden are lively throughout the year but especially during the holidays. It has incredible views over the Gulf of Morbihan and the strong waves between the mainland and the Isle-aux-Moines.

At the harbor, facing the sea, enjoy the best crepes and waffles in Brittany! at Yolande and Christelle’s.

The Gulf of Morbihan never ceases to amaze you with its changing landscapes that vary according to tides and the vagaries of time ...


• The walks on coastal paths that run along the coast (the GR 34 passes only 200 m from our cottages).
• Cruises around the Bay and sailing for all levels of sailor (1 km)
• Boat visits to the various islands depart from Port Blanc harbour, the largest island being île au Moines and Ile d'Arz (1 km)
• The nautical school at Toulindac (1 km from the cottages): a sailing school where you can learn to windsurf, dinghy sailing, or catamaran ...
• Kayak hire (1 km) to explore every corner of the Gulf
• The Baden Golf  Club (4 km): one of the finest 18 hole golf courses in Brittany
• Horse Riding


• Exhibition of creative artisans in April
• The Gulf choir in April or May
• Gulf Week (every 2 years) and colours of Brittany contest in May /
• Baden festival (music festival) in June
• National Day – 14 July
• Storytelling festival in July /
Threshing Day in August


The Gulf of Morbihan / and
Hiking: / / services / rando / tourdugolfe.aspx
Vannes: /
The islands Morbihan, Belle Ile, Houat, Hoëdic. . . / / near the Gulf of Morbihan, discover the Carnac megaliths

And La Trinité-sur-mer, the Quiberon peninsula, and the peninsula of Rhuys ...


• The Winter Jazz Festival of Vannes - January /
• Jazz Festival in Vannes - late July, early August - www.mairie-vannes.f
• Musical Gulf - a classical music festival – August -
• Seaweed Festival of rhythm - contemporary music - May -
• Interceltic Festival of Lorient - August -

Culture and entertainment

• The Coquecigrues - March  -
• European cinema reunion - April - Website
• Sea Photography Festival - April / May -
• Brittany book fair - June -
• Baden’s storytelling festival - July -
• Vanne’s Historical Festival - mid July -

Boating and tall ships

• Gulf Week - every two years on the week of Ascension -
• Sailing Festival on the Île des Moines island - mid August -
• Traditional red sails Festival - August - Senna -
• Eric Tabarly, City of sailing, in Lorient /


• Half Marathon of Auray-Vannes - September -
• Vannes Marathon - October -
• Gulf of Morbihan Raid - late June -
• The Catagolfe - racing catamarans in Arradon - October -
• 18 hole golf course in Baden /


Breton culture

• Festivals d'Arvor in Vannes - mid-August -

• Celti'Vannes Festival in Vannes - September -


• Oyster Feast in Arradon - September -
• Local farmers market in Baden every Friday at 16:00, on Friday morning in Arradon, Wednesday and Saturday morning in Vannes, Monday morning in Auray and Sunday morning in Larmor-Baden