ecologic cottages
located in baden, in the heart
of the morbihan gulf

Gîtes la ferm'h baden

The project

The Project

 Ecotourism, sustainable development and environmental quality – the spirit of the project.

The project was to create cottages in an ecological manner, minimizing the negative impacts on the environment and using natural and recycled, locally sourced materials. The onsite water system is specially treated: rainwater is collected for flushing toilets, watering the garden and for the communal laundry. The used water is then treated by filtering through a sanitation system of macrophyte aquatic plants (phyto purification).


Environmental issues were insisted upon throughout the entire project, the buildings were restored with authentic robust materials (rocks, untreated Douglas fir wood, cellulose wadding insulation…) to give the rooms a serene atmosphere, bathed in natural light and decorated in a contemporary style. 

Designed and equipped independently, the cottages respect the privacy of their residents. Each cottage has its own patio and private garden that opens on to the communal areas of over 5000m2 of land.

Lairmarc’h farm is still operational (dairy and beef) and is situated close to the cottages.  However, the wo activities have been separated architecturally for the intimacy and tranquillity of the residents.

Des éco-logis situés à baden au coeur du golfe du morbihan